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Canoe / Kayak Rental Package

We rent out ten Canadian Old Town Discovery Indian Canoes of high quality 164 and 174 with paddling gear: kayaking- west, helmet, dry sacks or barrels, two paddles+extra paddle / group. Our yard area provides a safe parking for customers vehicle.

Transportation is available to the start point and pick up from the ending point or other needed transfers. 

We help you to plan the itinerary according to your previous experience, duration of the tour or demandings of the season.

For staying over night in the nature we provide extra camping gear such as tents, sleeping sacks, under sheets, backpack, gas stov, axe, knive or other needed stuff. Also packed lunch is available.

Renting prices Canoes 2022, Ask kayaks as well!

1 day / 45 €
2 day / 80 €
4 day / 150 €, 6 day / 250 €, 10 day 450 €

Transportation 10€ + 0,70 eur/km

Equipment included

1 Old Town Discovery Indian Canoe/ 2 paddles (one extra paddle per group), 2 helmets, 2 live-wests, dry Sacks or a barrel, safe roupe

Other included services 

Route itinerary and discription

Optional services for additional fee

Transportation, Accommodation, Meals, Camping gear, A Guide, First Aid

Daily Description

Customer is responsible for all equipment while using them. The rental agrement will be made with the person who represent the whole group. In the River Kiiminkijoki there are many kinds of possibilities to paddle. There are even 200 km and over 70 rapids free to go. Some of the biggest rapids are qualified grade ll-lll in the spring and are at that time recommend to pass through by the river bank.

Service Languages: English

Participants minimum: 1-2 person

Participants maximum: 20 person

Minimum age: With parents or adult under 18 year old

Season: 1.6.- 30.10. 2021

Vuoton Joutsen

Vuoton Joutsen
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