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Sightseeing Tour to Chrystal Spring Creeks

Now you have the opportunity to visit crystal clear springs and enjoy the beauty of
pure Nature. You´ll learn something about local geology of the last Ice Age. Finland`s 

most unique concentration of spring creeks in Viinivaara is situated east of Oulu.

We cover the trip by car or bus and stop at least in four different sites. In one of
them we enjoy an outdoor lunch. You may take water from the springs with you
and photograph unique nature.

Nature with its woods and waterways is the true home of the Finns. Nature is sacred,
all in all. It has provided to Finns with all that they need for living.
A cultural studies scholar (appearing as the ancient Finnish nature spirit character)
and plant biologist or geologist will accompany and guide us. During this all-day trip
you will get to know about the ancient give back-oriented culture of the forest-Finns.
It consisted of giving back to nature for its gifts and asking permission of Nature for
the use of its gifts, necessary to meet the needs of everyday life.
Some springs have been regarded as cult or spiritual sites.

The spring creek Hanganhete has been voted for the most beautiful spring of Finland
at + the Pond Kirkaslampi water is so clear that you can see the bottom in
several meters depth.

Does the current consumer culture allow these sacred springs to remain and
are we able to maintain the balance of waterways and biodiversity that still exists.

Services included in price:

Transfer From Vuoton Joutsen yard.
Equipment/clothing: Insect repellent, light plastic rain coat when raining; picnic
lunch and drink by the campfire; English guidance.

Customers own equipment needed: Suitable clothing to the weather conditions
and to the season, waterproof shoes and empty bottle for the spring water.   

Optional services NOT included in the price:

  • other language interpreter than English

  • transfer from/ to Vuoton Joutsen; rubber boots, empty water bottle or canister.

  • accommodation, extra meals; souvenirs; Cards of Ancient Goddesses and
    their tips for good life.Photos taken and produced after wards

Participant minimum: 5

Participant maximum: 25, more participants for other charge

Starting place: Vuoton Joutsen

Starting time: 10:30 am. or 13:00 pm. The tour is carried out only with prior booking.

Duration in hours: 4-5 hours

Season/ product available: 15.5. - 30.9. 2019 and 15.5. - 30.9. 2020


Vuoton Joutsen

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91300 Ylikiiminki
+358-400 183 035

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