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Artic food cooking event

A splendid possibility to participate and learn, how a top quality ecologic and healthy 3-part meal will be prepared of pure local nature ingredients. Fish catching from the lake or elk from local hunting club, root vegetables and wild herbs, berries and mushrooms play a remarkable role in this event. Some of these ingredients can be picked or caught by the participant at this place. Purifying spring water is used to every purpose. After an inspiring cooking event we enjoy a festive meal and a celebration of life in almost paradise-like circumstances in the heart of pure nature. Nourishing the mind is as important as nourishing the body .

Equipment or clothing included: Ingredients and facilities, all needed equipment and recepts. Meals and drinks included in the price: 3-part meal with berry-drinks and spring water.

Other services NOT included in the price: Transfer from and back to Oulu or other place; accommodation in Vuoton Joutsen; Traditional finnish bread baking event.

Participant minimum 4, maximum 20
Duration: 3-4 hours
Starting place: Vuoton Joutsen in the Ylivuotto village.
Area: Oulu/Ylikiiminki Starting time: 12.00 a.m. or 15.00 p.m.
Season /product available: 1.5. - 17.12.2020




Vuoton Joutsen

Vuoton Joutsen
Puolangantie 2415
91300 Ylikiiminki
+358-400 183 035

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